Getting sh** done: Are you inventing things to do?

This is the sequel to my post “Getting sh** done: 80/20 principle”. Once again, a big shout to my main man Tim Ferriss and the “4 hour workweek” for making this possible #Timdoesntknowme…yet

The million dollar question he asks is whether we are “inventing” things to do. In other words, are we making our lives artificially busy with things that don’t actually move us forward. Keeping this in mind, a habit that I am trying to get into is at least once a day is asking myself, “Am I inventing things to do and does this legitimately need to be done NOW?”. Along with this, I create ONE mission critical goal for the day i.e. something that if I get done, I would be content. This creates focus. Tim argues that if you have more than one or two mission critical goals each day, you are most likely doing some Thomas Edison sh**.

As always, I want this blog to be about theory and application. So here is the application..  

My business aims to provide an intensive program that helps people lose weight, keep it off and subsequently become a BEAST! To do this, I need to have a solid exercise component and a diet component  (among other things). So naturally, I tried to be a hero and decided that I needed an in depth understanding of weight loss specific exercise and nutrition before I can get started. This is the definition of inventing sh** to do #sorryTim. Essentially, I told myself that in order to start my business and help people, I have to study two separate disciplines which people normally study and practice for years before being classified as “qualified”. Of course, it is important to have an understanding of these things but, me learning these things doesn’t necessarily add value to my business in an efficient way given that the plan was to hire a dietician and personal trainer anyway! So what’s my plan now? Well…as soon as I organise myself (in terms of business registration, websites etc.), I will be on the hunt for a personal trainer and a dietician! #dontspreadyourselftoothin.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have thought about running a business and doing all these crazy things countless times but, I have this terrible habit of overwhelming myself and giving up. From now on, if what I am doing doesn’t add value to my business in a timely fashion, I am not interested.

Even with this very blog, I questioned whether I was once again “inventing” things to do. Do I actually have to write a blog?

Am I doing it so I can make some mula? Maybe one day.

Am I doing it so I can say to my wife “you married a blogger, stop being so fresh”. One hundred percent!

And perhaps the most important question, will this blog help my personal development and startup journey? HELL YEAH! Let me explain. I see this blog as a way of preparing myself (pending blog post about preparing yourself for opportunities that don’t exist yet). Firstly, I gain a lot from reading books and one day I would like to write a book so other people can benefit from my wisdom (wisdom pending). Secondly, I think my business may need an online component so I am trying to learn about possible ways to make money online, how to drive traffic to my website and other nerdy stuff like that. Thirdly, this journey is not easy and I want to provide a running commentary of my startup journey so similar minded people can have the same wins as me and avoid the stuff ups. Fourthly, life is a blur and you learn so much along the way.  Sometimes I feel like I am forgetting some of the amazing stuff I learn so by writing this blog, it forces me to document my keys to success as I go. Fifthly….I don’t really have a fifth point (just wanted to use the word “fifthly”).  

Brothers and sisters, that’s it from me for now.

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BKTY(be kind to yourself) and BKTO (be kind to others)