10 pages a day

This post centres around a concept which I am trying to apply to every single aspect of my life. In fact, it means so much to me that I named my business after it. INCH BY INCH LIFESTYLE.

Let me tell you about the two competing versions of myself.

Both are good looking.

Both reminisce about Sri Lanka winning the 1996 Cricket World Cup.

And of course, both believe that regular chicken curry is a prerequisite for life.

However, there is one fundamental difference between how the two approach getting from A to B. Obviously A and B are not actual places. They are a generic way of describing the journey of getting from where you are to where you want to be. Meanwhile, the buddhist monk in me saying “grasshopper, you are already where you want to be” #Tangent.


Version 1: This guy tries to get from A to B overnight

This version is somewhat of a hero. He believes that achieving goals happens through glorious quantum leaps of action. Let’s say the goal is to read a book. This guy would conjure up a plan which involves leaving Saturday free so that he can read the whole book in one sitting like an absolute boss. But, Saturday comes and his whole foundation is rocked when his wife reminds him that it is time to go display home shopping. He gets home with still some time to read and finish the book but, your friends text you and let you know that they are having Gami chicken in T minus 2 hours. Guess how long it takes me to read the book? Trick question: I never finish it.

Version 2: This guy gets from A to B through the old school slow and steady wins the race type of mentality.

This version also endeavours to read the same book. As always, Saturday comes around  (that’s deep if you think about it…Saturday always does seem to come around) #Tangent. Once again, his wife tells him to get dressed to go display home shopping and soon after, his friends decide it’s time to get a feed. Next minute, it’s 10pm. I am home but, Saturday is almost over. He doesn’t get disheartened as he lives and breathes the INCH BY INCH LIFESTYLE. He brushes his teeth and before bed, commits to reading 10 pages. The only difference, these 10 pages have been happening EVERY DAY.

10 pages a day.

70 pages a week.

280 pages a month.

3650 pages a year (3660 if you are lucky and it’s a leap year).

That’s like 10 life changing books a year from something as simple as 10 pages a day.

Powerful stuff. Simple daily disciplines trumps the pseudo overnight success approach every day of the week. I apply the same inch by inch philosophy to the lifestylers that have joined my business.

I am already starting to see the benefits. I have wanted to start a business to help people for nearly a decade. Now 6 months in, I have 5 clients, a website, a logo, a dietician, a personal trainer and a registered company. All of this during full time work. It’s not much. But it’s progress. What if I continue for 6 more months or 6 years? Time will tell my friends.

So amongst all this positivity, I must admit, I almost gave up on my blog. It wasn’t getting many views and I just assumed that it wasn’t adding any value. With some helpful nudging from my wife, I decided to push on. 48 views. Then 59 views. Then 29 views. And then…

With my last blog post Stop and taste that chicken curry!, my blog hit a grand total of 1000 VIEWS.

Who cares right? Let me know when you hit 100,000 or 1 million views right?

Well, you have to pass 1000 to get to 1 million. Also, numbers don’t always tell the full story. People are already saying that my posts are getting better and better and more importantly, some have even gone as far as to say that they gain inspiration from it. It is helping me and if it is helping someone else, well HELL YER!

I really do believe that making daily small investments in yourself today could mean the difference between average and PHENOMENAL. The beauty of this blog post is that I have written proof in 10 years of whether I was speaking the truth or talking sh**.

As always, please do not comment and whatever you do, do not share this. Even if you think this is awesome (which it is). #reversepsychology #dancepuppets


Much love,