Morning ritual: The compounding effect of gratitude

Be grateful. Let me show you why I think it’s a game changer.

Day 1:

-Having a wife that wholeheartedly supports your dreams to one day help millions.

-Being in a profession where heartbreaking moments are contrasted by the superhero actions of doctors and nurses.

-The massive tree in front of my house that for some reason keeps reminding me “Don’t sweat the small stuff. By the way, don’t forget it’s all small stuff”.

Day 2:

-Having parents that left a war-torn country so my brother and I can live like kings.

-Having an energetic nephew that inspires me to be playful.

-Keeping in touch with the same school friends I met more than 10+ years ago.

Day 3:

-Having the ambition to want to help people and finally doing something about it.

-Having a niece that idolises you.

-Being fit and healthy enough to train the greatest martial art on the planet. They call it brazilian jiu jitsu.

Practising gratitude.

If 5 years ago, a stranger told me..

“Man you have to get into this gratitude thing…it reminds me of toilet paper cos it’s the sh**”.

I would have replied…

“Nah sorry, I don’t believe in hippie sh**”.

Look at me now.

I practise gratitude on a daily basis. EVERY morning because progress happens through simple repeated daily disciplines. Read last week’s blog for my thoughts on the power of making daily investments in yourself #inchbyinchlifestyle.

A lot of happy and successful people start their day with gratitude. There has been a lot of research into the art of positive psychology led by this dude called Dr Martin Seligman. He has literally spent a big chunk of his life looking into the science of happiness #hippielife. Dr Seligman and his team have found and replicated that practising gratitude is one life hack that people can do to truly develop long lasting happiness.

Life is shit.

Death. Disease. War. Tax. Parking inspectors. Mortgages. Bills. Trump.

For some people, it’s too much.

Depression. Anxiety. Sometimes even suicide is considered a viable option.

Gratitude forces you to look at your circumstances and ACTIVELY FIND something that is positive in your life. I truly believe this simple adjustment will make me a better husband, son, brother, uncle and friend.

Big call right?

Well let’s say I do this for the next year. Every day. 3 things. 3 different things (that’s important).

Let’s take my marriage (that’s always fun). Over the year, I will accumulate more and more things about my wife that make me grateful to have her. By the end of the year, I will potentially have 365 EXTRA things that I adore about my wife. Surely this will help to build my marriage into the metaphorical beast it is destined to be. I do the same when I think about my family and of course, my friends.

No wonder I am starting to get a newfound respect for all the important people in my life.

As always, stay in school, don’t do drugs and for god’s sake, be grateful.

Soooooooo, what are you grateful for? Curious to see what people come up with.

Comment and share. Don’t be a chump, do it.

Much love,

Be kind to yourself and of course, others too (especially the ones that piss you off, they need it the most)