Stop and taste that chicken curry!

My mind races like the Grand Prix. Juggling life is sometimes exhausting. Ensuring family time. Taking my startup company INCH BY INCH LIFESTYLE to the next level. Remembering to call that patient and tell them about a blood test result. Conceptualising a seamless transition from de la riva guard to back control in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I often find such things crossing my mind when all you can see on the outside is a handsome Sri Lankan boy driving to work.

It is bloooooooooody tiring and it makes you feel busy.

“Being busy is trying to do or thinking about multiple things at once” – Ajahn Brahm (Buddhist monk).

In other words, live in the present moment! Stop and smell the roses or perhaps more appropriate, stop and enjoy the potent flavour of your wife’s glorious chicken curry.

The reality. My overactive mind creates stress and can at times, mess with how happy and content I feel. So I made a small adjustment in my life that I try to do on a daily basis. So far, it’s been awesome!

Adjustment = get my ass to work at least 30 minutes early (these days I have been usually about 40 minutes early).


The reason for this was inspired by a brother of a friend. He said that he loved his job. He already had my interest. When I picked his brain, he said one thing that blasted my brain cells.

“I enjoy every part of going to work…from dressing well…to the drive…to the train ride…to the walk. When I walk into work, the lights turn on because I am the first one there”. He enjoys EVERY PART! Talk about living in the moment!

So using my reverse engineering skills, I realised that in order for this guy to actually enjoy every piece of the puzzle that gets him from his warm bed to his workplace, he needs to have abundant time. He can’t be rushing.

I rush. That’s what I do. Throughout all of medschool I was the guy who got to class usually huffing and puffing almost always about 5.3 seconds late. Sometimes I was “on time” but little did they know that I varied from a brisk walk to a slow jog to a frantic sprint to achieve this casual “on time” business.

So let’s frickin change it up a bit. I decided to get to work SUPER early. I used to get up with just enough time to have a shower, gobble down breakfast and run around the house looking for matching socks and clean underwear. As a result, I arrived at work tired and a tad grumpy at times because I pretty much literally just got out of bed.

Fast forward to the new and slightly improved Gihan.

Now, instead of inhaling my breakfast in record time, I sit on the porch and eat my breakfast and take the time to observe the world around me. I remind myself how big the world is and that nothing really matters. Not in a depressing, cynical way but in a “don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s small stuff” kinda way. I just take that extra moment to put some value in myself and what’s best for me.

I also do one extra thing. I practise gratitude. I visualise 3 things that I am grateful for. Each day, I make sure that each of these things are different. This forces you to really examine your circumstances and searches for things that make life the blessing it truly is.

These small adjustments have made a big difference. I have definitely noticed a shift. But don’t ask me, ask my wife who says that I am happier and more energetic than ever before. Ask some of my colleagues who state that I am “always happy”.

Finally, I would like to say, give yourself time to enjoy the small things in life. Time is underrated. Without enough of it, it is very hard to stop and really enjoy the taste of that chicken curry.

Please don’t comment. And for god’s sake, do not share this. Even if you think it’s awesome.

Sadly, not many people have been commenting or sharing my blog posts so I thought I would try some awkward reverse psychology.

Jokes aside.