Prepare for opportunities that don’t exist…yet

So many people complain about not having opportunities. It IS difficult sometimes. However, is it possible a lack of opportunities is not the problem? [pause for dramatic effect].

Maybe, just maybe, you have had an opportunity and you blew it!

The most common situation. “I can’t find a job”. Delve deeper grasshopper. “Had a few interviews…got to the final stages and just missed out…the other guy had more experience…just need a break”

An interview should be viewed as a guaranteed job offer. Optimistic. YES. But, this is the mindset to have! The company is investing time (time is money) and resources to see if you are going to take them to the next level. In other words, they wouldn’t bother unless they are seriously considering hiring you. Advantage YOU! This is before you even step into their office in your navy blue suit or dress.

If you are looking for a job, sooner or later, the opportunity will arise. You can be 99% sure that you will have an interview before you sign on that elusive dotted line. So how good are your interview skills? How much training have you done? If you believe in this “just be yourself” or “be natural” business, get used to sitting at home, unemployed, waiting for Game of Thrones to push out a new episode.


This mindset has changed my life!

I used to be a terrible public speaker. Looking away if someone needed a volunteer. Even making fun of people if they stuff up on stage (ultimate display of weakness). Then something clicked. It was my knee (but my knee is clicky anyway). Then, I harnessed my inner Michael J Fox. I went “back to the future” and visualised the type of person I want to become. I reverse engineered and figured out what skills I need to become this person (he is amazing by the way!). One thing I needed was to have crazy communication skills so, I went hunting. I started hunting for ANY chance to speak. This year alone, I have given 2 keynote speeches at charity fundraisers, was master of ceremonies for 3 events (2 of which were Gala events with 300-500 people). I also just randomly talk or ask questions at meetings or lectures in the hospital (especially if there are a lot of people there). It’s like a game to me now. I have zero qualifications to do these things except for one critical thing, I put my hand up and volunteered. These skills will be priceless on my entrepreneurial journey.

NEVER avoid something that will make you better because you are worried you will screw up or you think others will laugh at you or judge you. If you do this, it  means that you value other people’s opinions over what is best for you! It’s ridiculous when you think about it that way! I did this for most of my whole life and it stunted my personal growth. Never again.

BKTY(be kind to yourself) and BKTO (be kind to others)