“Once you reach your destination, find another journey because the destination is usually boring”

I recently got married and during his best man speech, my brother actually managed to string together some valuable sh**.

He said, “once you reach your destination, find another journey because the destination is usually boring”. When I first heard it, I literally thought worst marriage advice ever. Nevertheless, I kept thinking about it and then something clicked…what he said was super profound!

It really clicked with me because I have experienced the very thing he was talking about over…and over…and over…and over again and have not done anything about it. As Einstein wisely stated, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but, expecting different results”.

Over the last 25 years of my life, I have been on many crazy “journeys”. I am of course on one right now (hence the blog and the business venture). During all these journeys, I was always concerned about the “destination”. It was the main priority. When I got into medical school, I was so happy (for about a day) and then it was business as usual. Then I wanted to finish medical school. When I finished medical school, I was so happy (for about a day). Then came job applications. I got the job and I was super excited (for about a day). Then came applying for training programs. I was super lucky and got into the General Practice training program and I was ecstatic (for about a day). Which brings us to now, where I am applying to get into a good General Practice clinic.

Wait a minute? A pattern is brewing (picture me saying this whilst looking up and to the right with my hand to my chin). I realised that the destination is a CONTINUATION of the journey! HOLY MOLY! That sh** is deep! The destination often gives you that “good feeling” that is a major motivator during the journey itself. However, from experience, it doesn’t last long and similar to how rappers talk about their girlfriends, “on to the next one”. If you consider everything to be a continuation of your journey, you can learn the true importance of enjoying the journey itself because as my brother said so eloquently, the destination is “usually boring”.

I have applied the same principle to starting my business. Initially, I was in such a mad rush to get everything under way (i.e. launch my website, get clients). I almost fell for the same trap again. Einstein would b**** slap me if he was still alive. I was thinking that I will be happy when I launch the website or when I get my first client but, the reality is that there is ALWAYS going to be something next on the agenda. It is a fact of life. Now I look at things differently. I am really trying to enjoy every single step of my business venture. This doesn’t mean that I am not working towards these goals and that they won’t make me feel like I am entering beastmode, it just means that I will not only enjoy the end, but the beginning and middle as well. #thereisnoend

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BKTY (be kind to yourself) AND BKTO (be kind to others)